We are delighted that so many schools plan to use Power Up! regularly, and we aim to keep the price as low as possible for your school, for every subsequent purchase of Power Up! that you make.  To help achieve this, we have devised a new Word-of-Mouth Customer Discount Scheme.

This discount scheme can produce generous discounts for your school for as long as you continue to buy Power Up! Primary.  This also helps us by getting the word out about Power Up! and helping us to achieve our aim of empowering 10,000 children in transition. So it is only right to reward schools who do this, for their efforts.

How the Word-of-Mouth Discount scheme works: Once you have purchased Power Up! Primary Pack, you will be given a simple unique code. This code means that you are eligible to receive discounts off your next purchase(s).  Please keep this code in a safe place.

Simply recommend Power Up! to other schools who you think may be interested in Power Up! and ask them to use your code when they order. (There is a space on the new order form for this.)   Please note,  those schools must buy the Programme or Programme pack for you to receive a discount towards your own programme purchase.  Please also see the timeframe for applying the discounts at the foot of this page.

To help you recommend Power Up! , we will email you Power Up! information leaflets which you can email out or print off –  let us know if you prefer not to receive them, or for any other query about the scheme on info@thecoachingdynamic.com.  [There is no obligation to recommend Power Up! to other schools.]

The schools to whom you recommend Power Up! and who buy Power Up! Packs can also join the Word-of-Mouth discount scheme, for any future purchases and can accrue discounts straight away which will be carried forward to the following year.  There are around 23,000 primary schools in the UK so we think the scheme should have a good shelf life for all schools who want to participate.  

The Money Bit:

1. For every school that buys a Power Up! Programme Pack through your recommendation, you  will earn £10 off your next purchase of Power Up! to a maximum limit per year as shown below.

2. For every school that buys a Power Up! Programme only, through your recommendation, you  will earn £5 to a maximum limit as shown below.  

3.The maximum amount your school can earn in total discount for one year is shown in yellow.  

4. You can carry forward up to the same amount of discount for the following year, if you have lots of schools buying!*  This table gives you an idea of what to expect:

*If you encourage huge numbers of schools to buy beyond the limits of the scheme, we will work out separate benefits with you, which could include discounts towards coaching consultations or staff empowerment training!

Timeframe - The end of the discount year is 31st March, by which time you must also have submitted your order to us.        

To help us process any discounts in time for you we recommend that you:

1. Let schools know in good time about Power Up! so they can order before the end of February,

2. Make sure you give them your recommending school code, so they can put it in their order form.  

We will let you know your discount total as often as we can, and at the point of your order, we will apply the allowable discount acrrued for that year to your order and carry over any remaining discount towards next year's purchase.

Primary Prices

Primary Prices